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Cintec Reinforcement & Anchoring

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As a trained and certified installer of the Cintec reinforcement and anchoring system, Abbey Masonry and Restoration Limited is fully qualified to provide technical advice and carry out the installation of this system.

The Cintec reinforcement and anchoring system offers a remarkably versatile, proven approach to strengthen masonry buildings and structures.

The system works by pre-drilling an oversized hole in the structure and inserting an anchor body surrounded by a fabric sock. A cementitious grout is injected through the middle of the anchor under low pressure. It passes through a series of grout flood holes into the fabric sock, inflating the entire assembly like a balloon.

The Cintec reinforcement and anchoring system is simple and easy to use, with fast installation and minimal cleanup. Even as it restores, stabilises, strengthens and repairs, the system does not compromise the parent material, it becomes part of the structure and does not visibly alter the appearance.

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Carew Castle Cintec Anchoring
Dryslwyn Castle Cintec Anchoring
St Davids Cathedral Cintec Anchoring
Crickhowell Bridge Cintec Anchoring

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